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FORUMs - I have visited and was successful in gathering useful information

RC WEB AUSTRIA - www.rc-web.at

RC NETWORK - Austria - www.rc-network.at

MODELLFLUG ONLINE - Austria - www.modellflug-online.at/

RC NETWORK - Germany - www.rc-network.de

RC FORUM - Hungary - www.forum.rcmodell.hu

RC GROUPS - most active RC-Internet community - www.rcgroups.com

FPV-FLIEGER - a german Forum with some good tips - www.fpv-flieger.de

RC-LINE - a german information channel on the web for rc-pilots: www.rcline.de

WATTFLYER - RC Network: www.wattflyer.com

BUNGY MANIA - no, not bungy-jumping, but a French site for electric rc planes: www.bungymania.com

RC SOARING - a site for the soaring specialists: www.rc-soar.com

HIP-POCKET-AERONAUTICS - www.hippocketaeronautics.com

Recommended Setups of planes: www.4-max.co.uk/recommended-setups.htm

FLYING GIANTS - big, bigger, the biggest: www.flyinggiants.com

RC PILOT - a Hungarian forum: www.rcpilot.hu

RC PORTAL - Hungarian: www.rcportal.hu

RC FLY in Gyor - Hungary: www.rcflygyor.uw.hu

MODELLPILOT - a new German Forum all around ep models: www.modellpilot.eu

DIE TEMPELFLIEGER - cool site of a group of rc pilots using the old Tempelhof airport in Berlin as their base: www.tempelflieger.de

OPERATION RETRO - a site focused on old & historic rc planes with several flying day during the year: www.niegratschka.de/Retro2010/index.html


Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI): www.fai.org/

FAI – Aeromodelling Commission: www.fai.org/aeromodelling/

National Federations: www.start.fai.org/model-federations.asp

Modelling WIKI (check out the history part) - http://wiki.rc-network.de/Portal:Flugmodellbau

RC Model Data - a huge collection of data about rc aircraft and more - www.rc-model-data.com

Motor Calculation – online: www.motocalc.com

The world largest model aircraft association: www.modelaircraft.org

How to build an RC-Airplane - cool tips & tricks - http://howtomakercairplanes.com/

Camera flights and more - info you will find here - www.flyfpv.com

Model Aeronautics for Dodos - help for beginners - www.rcaeronautics4dodos.com

Trans Atlantic Model (RC model crossing the Atlantic - successfully): www.tam.plannet21.com/

High flying RC planes (over 10.000 meters): www.rcairplanechallenge.com

Parkjets – a site for depon jet flyers: www.parkjets.com

FLAPPING FLIGHT - :-) a site dedicated to wing flapping rc-planes (bird models): www.truefly.chez.com

Senior Pattern Associations (yeah, for the senior citizen flyers & vintage planes): www.seniorpattern.com

Ballistic Pattern Association (another senior citizen rc-flying club for speed junkies… ;-) ): www.ballisticpattern.com

Recommended setups of planes: www.4-max.co.uk/recommended-setups.htm

New to RC flying, then check out this site: www.gettingstartedinrc.com

Great Info about rc planes you find here: www.rcplaneviews.com

Academy of Model Aeronautics: www.modelaircraft.org

General knowledge in German: www.modellbau-portal.com

Modell Jets:www.rc.fron.de

FPV Flieger: www.fpv-flieger.de

Videoflieger: www.video-flieger.de

Tests of Mini-RC-cars: www.mini-rc-auto.de

A MUST SEE site for rc equipment collectors - genius: www.rchalloffame.org

USED MODELS & EQUIPMENT - 2nd HAND - visit these specialized sites (beside e-bay):

in Austria: www.gebrauchtmodell.at

in Germany: www.rc-flohmarkt.com


Modellfriedhof - http://www.onki.de/modellfriedhof/index.php
Useful links for all hobby pilots or those who would like to get more info
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