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PROP - official magazine of Austrian Aero Club, RC section - www.prop.at

FOAMIE - a German magazine dedicated to foam planes - www.vth.de/zeitschriften/foamie.html

AUFWIND - a German magazine dedicated to gliders & electro-planes - www.aufwind-magazin.de

MODELL & ELECTRO MODELL Magazines - Neckar Verlag - Germany -  - www.neckar-verlag.de

FMT - Flugmodell & Technik -another German magazine about our hobby - www.vth.de/zeitschriften/fmt.html

ELEKTRO Modellflug-Praxis - magazine in German about electro rc-planes - www.modellflug-praxis.de

MODELL AVIATOR - all about our rc-flying hobby - www.modell-aviator.de

MODELLFLUG INTERNATIONAL - nothing international about it - German language - www.mfi-magazin.com

BAUEN & FLIEGEN - a magazine dedicated to balsa-worms - www.vth.de/zeitschriften/bauen-und-fliegen.html

MODEL AIRPLANE - a US magazine for all rc pilots of all kinds - www.modelairplanenews.com

FLY RC - a leading Radio Control online magazine: www.flyrc.com

AIR AGE MEDIA - a selection of US magazines for all RC stuff - www.airage.com

BACKYARD FLYER - Magazine: www.backyardflyer.com

SPORT AVIATOR - online magazine: www.masportaviator.com/

Modell Flugsport Magazin - a Swiss magazine - www.modellflugsport.ch

RC GAMES Modell - a Hungarian magazine (less on planes, lots on cars) - www.rcgames.hu

BOOKS - I (used to) read

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DVDs & VIDEOS - I (used to) watch

CRASH ACTION 1 - by PR Medien & Hobby

CRASH ACTION 2 - by PP Medien & Hobby
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