Here is a bit about myself and my RC-CURRICULUM:

  • Born in Germany in 1965
  • Went to school in Austria
  • Studied Hotel & Tourism in Austria
  • Worked until today on 3 continents - 14 countries and moved 16 times althogether
  • Father of 4 (1 girl, 3 boys)
  • Settled with my family in Hungary (since 2005)
  • Moved in Q1 2011 to Frankfurt/Germany


It all started when I was a teen (late 70th) and I joined a model plane building club in Graz, Austria.
The first plane I ever build was a Mini-Airfish (sail plane, 160 cm wingspan), followed by the real Airfish (also sail plane, 240 cm
wingspan) - both full balsa planes.

Well, the first one gave up flying after so many crashes that the glue used to fix it was heavier then the actual plane itself.

The later one had about the same fate after a year or so. (Sorry I could not find any photo of these planes... but I am still looking)...however
if you are interested they still sell the airfish plane line in Austria!
Click here for more info!

Next came a
Geier (Robbe) - a flying wing... did not survive the test flight! May he rest in (many) peace (pieces)!

ASW 17 (Carrera) first non-balsa plane - great hang glider with 220 cm wing span and my first 3 axes plane! Flew away after
a few months due to loss of remote control. One week I was looking for it in the Austrian alps - climbing trees, rocks, mountains, etc....but
without success.

Ikarus was the largest plane in my early RC career.. 280 cm wingspan but only 2 axes. For thermal soaring it was great but I shredded
the poor plane on the slopes while landing. Too many pieces and too little patience solved the question of fixing it! Until today I could not
track down the producer of this plane and so I could not make a proper description of it!

ASW 22 (Graupner) was the next in line in 1982.... styro-balsa wings, 3-axes, T-tail and just fantastic on the slopes. This plane was stored
in the attic of my parents home (with the rest of my RC gear) as of 1988 (when I left Austria and began my career in the international hotel
It was found, restored and made ready for flying again in 2008!

During my first RC career I started also to develop my own planes - some of the construction plans survived until now and you may find
details of them in the plane and download sections. There was the Butterfly (2-axes balsa sailplane), the Torro (2-axes 1,5 ccm cox
engine pylon plane) as well as the Hotstuff (hotliner in balsa for a 400 E engine... but this was never completed).

The re-start of my RC-career as of 2008:

As so often in life luck played a serious role in the re-starting of my RC career.

When we met and got friends with the parents of one of my son`s friends from the kindergarden early 2008 I learnt that the father of the
friends wife is co-owner of a RC shop here in Budapest.

Suddenly I was reminded to my previous RC-life...I felt this tingle of excitement...these bees (butterflies are reserved for my wife) in the
tummy...these "soaring-acro" dreams during nights.... the smell of glue and balsa wood.... the adrenalin before a first flight.... and....

I had to visit this shop a few days later...

After an hour in the shop I left with an EasyStar (Multiplex) a couple of NiMh cells, a (lipo-ready) charger and a 2,4GHz Futaba 6-channel
remote set. As it turned out they gave me great advice and gear for re-starting my hobby. Thank you to the team of
Origo-Modell Shop!

Since then I am addicted to this hobby again and my hanger is constantly growing. My wife already mocks that soon she can't park in the
garage anymore cause planes are attacking here car... ;-)!

My key interest is the construction and modification of planes where I spend time to upgrade stock editions with my own stuff. After that is
done the flight optimization comes next! Well, that's the knowledge I would like to share with you.

I do take my hobby serious, but ... I try to avoid to be too professional about it! Too many measurements, test runs, trial runs, etc. I do not
do! My motto: Let it fly... and sofar that was my success!

So...if you have some comments, suggestions, proposals or just would like to get in contact....
send me a note and I will be in touch!

Your skydiving, RC flying

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