Presently in the hangar:
For more info click on the plane name

Funjet (Multiplex) in service since 2009

Loveci-Sunny (Conversion of kids plane) in service since 2009

Twister (Multiplex) EDF jet, in service since 2009

Gemini (Multiplex) in service since 2010

Pico Cub (Multiplex) in service since 2010

Jet Stream Type G (LRP 456MB) double ducted fan, in service since 2010

Jet Stream Type B7 (LRP 456MB) double ducted fan looks like a Boeing 777, in service since 2010

Easy Fun Cub (Multiplex) conversion to Easy Cub, in service since 2010

Teddy Bear (Flying Styro Kit) in service since 2010

Space Scooter (Multiplex) - tuning edition, in service since 2010

Micro Jet (Multiplex) - a fast mini plane out of Elapor foam, in service since 2010

Micro Jet Light (Multiplex) - light weight mod of the Micro Jet for 3-D flights, in service since 2010

F4F Wildcat (Parkzone) - a scale looking foam warbird, in service since 2010

MiniMag (Multiplex) - brushless hydro plane conversion with 3-blade prop, in service since 2010

GF-35 (Graupner) - Small EDF Jet made from Styro foam - PnP set, in service since 2010

Bilbo (T2M) - little park flyer from balsa with transparent blue film cover, in service since 2011

Interceptor Jet (RC-Toys) - micro RTF set with 270 mm wingspan - in service since 2011

Parkmaster (Multiplex) - 3D fun plane for the experienced pilot - in service since 2011

Dog Fighter 1 (Multiplex) - fighter look-a-like plane - in service since 2011

Dog Fighter 2 (Multiplex) - another Doggi from Santa Claus 2011 - in service since 31st Dec. 2011

Cessna 177 Cardinal (Hype) - a great little scale plane from Hype - in service since 2012

P-51 Mustang "Miss America" (Hype) - a beautiful 1:15 semi scale warbird - in service since 2012

P-51 Mustang "Janie" (Hype) - equally beautiful sister plane of the Miss America - in service since 2012

P-38 Lightning ( - a great looking warbird with 10 pre-installed servos - in service since 2012

Teddy (Multiplex) - historic plane of the Pico Line. Production stopped 10 years ago! - in service since 2012

Sonicliner (Multiplex) - Airliner project originally designed by Boeing - in service since 2012

Razzor (Multiplex) - a 62 cm wing span racer plane in excellent quality - in service sine 2012

Under construction:

Fox-Lightning (Multiplex kids plane conversion) - using 3 (!) small fox planes and building a single engine
triple-hull plane - status: on the building table (already for quite a while... but one day I will get it to fly...
one day....

BD-5J (Windrider) - the known plane from the James Bond film Octopussy (EDF powered)

Yoda small (Styroman) - the small brother of the Yoda 3D - with adjustable prop system

Twin Star 2 "Slope" (Multiplex) - another variant of the Twin Star for slope soaring only

Twin Star 2 "Float" (Multiplex) - conversion of my favourite TS2 to a float plane

Mentor (Multiplex) - the largest foam motor plane of Multiplex finally landed in my hangar!

Predator (Lindinger) - a UAV drone for a camera (GoProHero) carrier project

Projects in preparation:

Junkers Ju 390 (Semi Scale model build from scratch following a plan developed by Mr. Bruno
Schmalzgruber) - plan available from Neckar-Verlag, Germany (see link pages) - 6  motors driving a 2330
mm wingspan plane! Search the net for more info about this unique plane (expected completion of this
project: 2011) - Status: in preparation & purchasing phase (all rc equipment in house, just the materials

Spruce Goose - Howard Hughes H-4 Hercules - ( - one of the largest planes ever build!
8 engines - float plane and of course that was for me one of the major points to start looking into this
project a bit more closer. The kit offered by a US company however is quite expensive - so I am still
searching for a bit cheaper solution to this project.

Planes stored in boxes for future use:

Dash 8 (Robbe) - Airliner replica made from Arcel foam (production end 2011). Purchased & stored 2012.

Smiley (Multiplex) - a 10 year old model found in Frankfurt new in box. Purchased and stored in 2011.

Pico Cub (Multiplex) - end of production by producer in 2005. Purchased and stored in 2012.

Pico Baby (Multiplex) - a depron indoor plane last produced in 2007. Purchased and stored in 2012.

Planes from the past (sold, destroyed, lost, retired ... )

Spirit of Saint Louis (Thunder Tiger) in service in 2009 - out of service Aug 2010 - retired

Space Shuttle (Modellbau Baumgartner) - a plane made from Depron - for display only

Concorde (Modellbau Baumgartner) - in service in Sep 20010, out of service Oct 2010 - retired

Cardinal (Robbe) in service in 2009 - out of service in July 2011 - given away

Yoda (Styroman) - a 3D plane made of EPP, in service in 2010, out of service Aug 2011 - retired

X-F3A (Pelikan) in service in 2009, out of service Sep 2011 - retired

Nemesis (Graupner) - a semi-scale micro plane, in service in 2010 - out of service Oct 2011 - retired
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