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Easy Star I "the FIRST" - the plane I restarted this hobby in 2008

The brushed motor - first 6 volts after 7,2 volts! After many flights it ended on the attic to be
revived as a training plane for my kids! With the revival of this plane we also gave it a new

In service since 2008
Easy Star I "the SECOND" - this plane was tuned with a Mega-motor & ailerons

Hot Easy Star with a Mega 16-15-2 running on a 2s 3000 mAh lipo! Very fast and very
good for fun airobatics (as long as the plane allows it). Red hot wings indicate that this
plane flies hot like chili peppers!!!

In service since 2009
Easy Star I "the THIRD" - the design of this plane was the wish of my kids

Finally my kids came with their wish to have a say in the design of one of my planes! So it
had to be another Easy Star (because they sell them now really cheap). Domi - my son by
that time 5 years old - selected the stickers fo the design of this plane!
In addition I selected another "hot" motor and build in ailerons too.

In service since 2010
Easy Star I "the FORTH" - the Hungarian plane of my Easy Star collection

Now after my kids designed a plane my wife asked me to design one that reflects the
colours of her home country - Hungary! I decided to build this plane ultra light with a 35 g
brushless Himax outrunner on folding props and ailerons! Shortly after "my design"
Multiplex came out with their new Easy Star II featuring the same setup!

In service since 2011
Easy Star II "CAPPUCCINO" - the new Easy Star II edition by Multiplex

The plane was build using all stock parts (except the all around MG servos) - but with a
very special design! Multiplex was running in July 2012 a competition here in Germany of
the best designs for their new Easy Star II! So I decided to participate in this and as I love
to drink coffee I came up with this design idea! Also used as a GoProHero camera plane!

The winner of the Multiplex Elapor design competition in July 2012!