Construction / tuning

This little ARF acrobatic glider fascinated me since a while.
During one of my trips to Switzerland and a visit to a local hobby store in
Zurich I found it for a very reasonable price. So it came to the boot of the
At home I opened the box.... all nicely wrapped in plastic and protected by
Immediately all was unpacked and put together - great! With exception of
the canopy - that was not perfectly moulded over the fuselage and surely
will fly away during some airobatic flying! It will need to be fixed in place
by a rubber band or I find an other solution. Lets see.

All servos, motor and bec and even the folding propeller were pre-
installed - out of the box.

The ailerons are moved by torsion type connection by  the servos! Cool
and modern stuff.

Both the rudder and elevator are moved by traditional push rods.
The elevator wing is removable and fixed with one screw.
Quickly the Fox was assembled and ready to fly in less then 1 hour.
Unfortunately there are not datas available for the motor, the prop and
bec. Only thing that I found out is that the motor consumes just about 12
A on full power. Not much for a plane that size. That will rather mean a
gentle climb and not a vertical climb. Lets see.
Following the manual will bring you quickly to the goal to get the plane
ready for the field - as I said - less then 1 hour incl. trim-check and
transmitter programming.
By the way: I did not use the V-cable for the ailerons but programmed the
mixer on my Futaba remote.

Flight Experience:

15th April 2012 - first flight! What a disaster! All started off normal -
servos checked - rc checked - motor checked - all fine! Start!
Well it was not really windy and the plane took off smoothly from my
hands and flew steadily up - not fast and not steep.
Then suddenly it lost more and more power - and then - no more
reaction on the motor. No, the lipo seemed ok as the rc still reacted fine -
so the BEC must be ok too - nevertheless, no more power on the motor.
A landing approx. 100 meters away from the flying field in high grass was
the result.
Upon arrival at the plane I saw immediately that a part of the plane was
missing - the prop!!!!
It just came off including the spinner and all!

Update - April 2012:

Back home I decided to change this flimsy prop to a proper one: I had
from a grounded
Blizzard (Multiplex) the motor dome, motor (Himax
3516-1100 kv), prop and BEC left over in the drawer - and believe it or not
- the motor dome fitted the Fox perfectly. Just a bit of cutting off a piece in
the nose section removed enough foam to give room for the much
stronger motor compared to the original one.
All took about two hours of work and now it looks already much more
different - and knowing the power of the Blizzard, I expected a real
change in the flying ability of the Fox!

Lets check out the 2nd first flight!

Just a day later I took the plane for some test flights after work! The plane
seemed like totally changed! Fast, vertical climbs possible, ample of
power! Great! The only difference - I had to add almost 55 g weight to the
tail of the plane to achieve the balance point - and now the plane flies on
a 3s lipo with 2200 mAh - even more weight to the nose!

It certainly was worthwhile this new setup and power motor!

Hype - you should build in this motor from the beginning!!
Site for radio controlled airplanes and more ...
  Foam (Hypodur)
1800 mm
880 mm
29,7 dm2
24 g/ dm2 / 2nd setup: 31 g/ dm2
WEIGHT (producer):
685 g
Original: 710 g
2nd setup: 920 g
Original: brushless outrunner, 55 g
2nd setup: Himax 3516 brushless
  Original: unknown
2nd setup: 1350 kv, 110 g, 400 W, 35 A
  Original: Hype - unknown
2nd setup: APC folding, 9" x 6"
Original: Hype - unknown
2nd setup: Multicont SBEC-40 (40 A)
Quick Sky (Futaba compatible) - 7 channel
Original: Lipo Ray 3s, 1600 mAh
2nd setup: Lipo Ray 3s, 2200 mAh
5 (2x ailerons, 1x elevator, 1x rudder, motor)
  Hype, 9 g
Simple, Beginner
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