Construction / tuning:

Due to its seize I was amazed that one of my favourite internet shops in
Austria sold it for 35 EUR! - 150 cm wingspan for that money - I had to
get it.
I did not expect much for that price but the kit was absolutely ok. The
instructions complete and the plane was quickly build.

The supplied stock 600 motor (very heavy.... almost 200 gms - which
ended up in my Speedy Arrow boat) I replaced with a spare outrunner I
still had (36 mm dia at only 100 gms) - quite a bit of building was
necessary to fit it (new firewall, etc.). In addition I added a steerable
front wheel (connected to the rudder). Of course that was heavier then
the supplied fixed front wheel.
The original kit included a wooden support beam in the wings, this I
replaced with a CFK rod (10 mm dia).
Also I was surprised that the wing parts are to be glued together, so
you got to carry around a 155 cm wing (ok I got a big enough car, but
some of my other colleagues would not be able to do that). No wonder
that the plane now goes out of production.
In addition I installed two ailerons (stock plane is steerable only with
elevator & rudder)., however due to the connection of the wings it was
impossible to reduce the V of the wings! Lets see how the ailerons will
work. Their size: 5 cm x 30 cm.
Comparing this Robbe foam kit I must say that the overall construction
of the plane was different then the foam kits I got used to by Multiplex.
Multiplex is clearly more advanced and all its planes have a very similar
setup and use the same items.
Anyway, I decided to start "collecting" and testing now more Robbe &
Graupner planes anyway as I got through with almost the entire set of
MPX planes.

Flight Experience:

Finally after 4 months (!!) in the waiting room (cellar) I came around to
take this plane for its first flight! The take off was ok despite the small
wheels and after about 8 meters the strong outrunner took the plane
up to its element.
I had to trim a bit the elevator down as it looked tail heavy (although
when I balanced the plane it was fine). So after the first flight I added 15
g of weight in the nose and then it flew like a bird. Due to its seize it
acts more like a motor-sailplane. Not fast and very stable. The ailerons
reaction is also rather slow and after the first flight I mixed the rudder in
for support.
Overall this is a fine plane to continue a beginner's RC career (eg. as
first motor plane after EasyStar and EasyGlider) however I guess it will
become boring after a while for the intermediate.

Update: July 2011:

After a few flights only in almost 18 months, there was the
opportunity to support a son of friends of ours - who was interested
in starting our wonderful hobby!
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  Foam (Arcel)
1550 mm
1110 mm
36,7 dm2
42,2 g / dm2
WEIGHT (producer):
1550 gms
1505 gm
Magnum brushless outrunner,
  36 mm dia, 300 W,
  10 " x 5 " folding prop
no-name, 40 A
Futaba 2,4 GHz, 6 channel, R-6006 HFC
Lipo Ray, 3 cells, 2200 mA
5 (2x ailerons, 1x rudder, 1x elevator, 1x
  Wing: 2x Hitec HS 55
Others: 2x Hitec HS 81
Simple, beginner
Simple, beginner, intermediate
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