Construction / tuning:

Opening the simple box I found all parts well fixed with tape within.
Unfortunately one of the fixing tapes was running over the fuselage windows
and despite the very careful removing procedure the windows came off.

Unpacking the model it turned out to be already fully finished with decor.
In principle you had the following parts (which needed gluing:
front fuselage, back fuselage, left and right wing, back motor cover, aileron
rudder (2x).

The supplied instruction manual gives step by step instructions for the finishing
of the plane. I followed it and found no problems. Note: the instruction is in
German, however every experience modeller will be able just to follow the

For all foam parts I used UHU por as a glue. Where I had wood with foam I
used 5-min Epoxy. The Servos were fixed with hot glue gun.

Firewall was already installed in the model and so were the rudder horns.

The only part that deviated from the regular plane was that I build an
additional holder for the battery in the forward compartment (from some
left over depron). In addition I added a small fin at the bottom of the plane
in the back just before the motor to add some protection for the wires during

After the assembly the plane stands there very proud and beautiful. The lines are
following the original in its elegance and suggestion of speed.
I cant wait to get her to her first flight, however (as usual) for this weekend (first
one in September 2010) the forecast is: RAIN!

Flight Experience:

During some sub-optimal flying weather in September 2010 the first flights were
Start - holding the plane on top of the fuselage - is rather tricky, because due to the
motor revolutions the model tends to immediately turn on its side. I hardly could
manage to reach the sticks for corrections.
Once flying however the looks are unbelievable!
Yes, this is a beauty plane, not a sky rocket or an airobatic dart, however low passes
with medium speed is great and landing, wow, typical to a delta the plane almost
knows no stall - with high nose it just lowers itself on the grass.
But even though, that might be too hard for the planes material - see also update note
The plane reacts quite wobbly during windy conditions (damn, we never have days
without wind here on our home field)!
Also the aileron reactions is fast (in my case too fast and I mixed 50 % (!!!) expo after
the first flight.
The speed, well it is not fast, much slower then the Twister (and absolutely much
much slower then the FunJet - however, who would like to risk this beauty plane?
At least not me!
My recommendation: a great looking plane with acceptable flying performance for
summer days without breeze.

Update: September 2010
During the first flight day with the Concorde some damage was done to the plane
while landing on our rough landing field:

The Selitron is very light and stable against bending, however the hard longer grass
cut deep marks into the tips of the planes wings! Also the underside is already deeply
scared. I will cover the bottom of the wings and fuselage now with a layer of GFK mat
and wooden floor lack. Yes, the weight will go up, however I hope that this will be
enough reinforcing - and the front of the wings I will cover with a strong black tape.

Update: October 2010 - plane retired!
After the third flight day with the Concorde the scars and dents became more and more. Yes, I should have enforced the belly and wing tips of the plane, however
due to time I did not made it. So, finally I decided to retire the plane which is now a great display in my home office - hanging from the ceiling!
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Modellbau Walter Baumgartner
  all parts in Depron Foam
610 mm
1240 mm
gm / dm2
WEIGHT (producer):
??? g
471g (all up flying weight)
Fusion 2826 / 09
  brushless outrunner, 1820 Kv, 68 W, 48 g,
28 mm dia
  APC 7 x 5 "
Robbe 720, 20 A
Futaba 2,4 GHz (6-channel R-6006 HFC)
Ray 2 s Lipo 2200 mAh
3 (motor, 2x ailerons-elevator-mix)
  all: Hitec HS 55
Intermediate - professional
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Picture by Walter Baumgartner