Construction / tuning:

The plane is made of styrofoam (fuselage) and depron with a hard pastik cover (wings). Unfortunately the wings were a very simple (concave) profile with no
support rods and no ailerons.
The styrofoam is very, very thin in some places and crumbles fast. I worry that this plane will not last too many flights.
- I added ailerons and changed the profile of the plane by glueing a 3 mm depron plate cut to fit to the underside of the wing, but before I have added the ailerons
and taped them on the entire length of this depron cover. Then I glued all in place with 5 min epoxy.
As at the nose of the wing the lower part was now square I carefully sanded it round. Now I have a profiled wing that looks more like Clark Y or similar.
Actually the addition of the ailerons increased the wing area which should help a bit.
In addition the new wing construction strongly increased the wing strength and I left out the building in of a carbon rod. Lets see how the plane will manage.
- The rest of the assembly was fast and quick and I actually did not need the instruction manual (which is in English and Chinese!
- The fixing of the elevator is rather crude, but I could not improve it as the foam is not really thick in this area. Lets see how it will hold up and perform.
The instruction manual is complete however when I looked for the Amps necessary for the motor controllers I could not find it in there (motors came with the kit,
however not the controllers)... quite some search to find out these simple details ... in the replacement part listing of the producer 456MB!
The CG was achieved perfectly with the battery in the indicated place (the canopy can be taken off). However this compartment and fixing is very weak and surely
will need some strengthening after a few flights. I will possibly use some magnets.

Flight Experience:
Although this plane is rated from the producer for a beginner, I do not find so. Due to the weight per dm2 it already indicated that it likes speed! Also you need a
tarmac for take off (which I do not have). During the first take off try one of the main wheels came off (including the fixing to the wing). The plane did not crash but its
belly was rather scratched (weak foam). Generally these wheels are very light, but not really strong!
During the 2nd flight I had an EDF stopped and the plane was almost not steerable. I managed to bump it hard to the ground (but - as golfers would say) - in the
rough! Damage report: fuselage split open at the battery compartment (see also earlier comments in the construction section), holder of wings in the fuselage
broken out... but otherwise ok. It will take a few hours to get it going again. What was the reason: the motor or the controller - both will be checked and possibly

Flying Time:
- with my battery as above: approx. 4 - 6 minutes

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JetStream Type G
MB 456 (LRP)
  all parts in Styro & Depron Foam
905 mm
940 mm
11,5 dm2 (with added ailerons 13 dm2)
(34,7 gm - producer) 34,2 gm / dm2
WEIGHT (producer):
400 gm
445 gm
unknown brushless inrunner
  Brushless inrunner / 21 gms / ? W / 8 A at
11 V with the supplied fan
  2x ducted mini fan (dia: 50 mm each)
Jeti eco 12 (12 A)
Futaba 2,4 GHz, 7-channel R-617
Lipo / Ray 1100 mA / 11,1 V
5 (motor, rudder, elevator, 2x ailerons)
  Rudder & elevator: 2x Hitec HS-61
Ailerons: 2x Hitec HS 55
beginner - intermediate
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