Construction / tuning:

Having seen this great looking plane in a shop
in Austria I just could not resist! The P-38 Lightning
is one of my favourite WW II plane with its unusual
configuration but great flight performance.
The price was hot and the plane landed first in
my cellar!

Unboxing this plane was quick - all parts were
individually wrapped in foil and all was in mint condition.

BUT...first I lined up all parts on the floor to see if all was there! YES!

Then I followed the short building manual - first with the wings.. wow ..
there are a lot of cables to be taken care of... cables for the ailerons,
rudder, elevator (both are moved by two servos - sitting in each of the
outer fuselages) the BEC, the retracts, and the power! Then all needed
to be plugged in the main fuselage in the receiver - some cables were
added: steerable front wheel and the servo for the retract function.

Finally the plane was assembled and glue together! Just the rudder
connection was missing and the check of all parts.

Here I found out that the supplied rudder horns and clips were of bad
quality! I had to replace all with stuff I found in my cellar! This took quite
some time as I had to drill the rudder horns with larger holes.

Finally the motors were checked - of course one was turning the wrong
way - and one was just stuttering....? What happened there! I could not
access anymore the connections near the cable channels - so I had to
cut in new "service holes" from the belly of the outer fuselages.  First I
changed the BECs - the same motor had stutters. Then I looked
closely all motor connection plugs - and here I found the mistake. two
of the soldered 3,5 mm plugs were badly soldered and just held
together by the shrinking tubes! So I had to take off the entire motor and
solder new plugs - now all was working fine.

Still I had an issue with the props - one spinner was going off center -
another half hour was lost balancing the spinner!

And finally the plane was ready for photo shooting!

Well, made in China is not made in Europe or USA - the low price
comes with lower quality parts!

Lets see how the plane flies!

Flight Experience:

End of May 2012 came the first flight. A clear day, but with some wind,
at our empty model airport provided some great opportunity - and my
wife volunteered to act as camera girl.
Surprised I was at the steady flight from the first second on. Scale like
turns, low & very low passes, ... through all figures this plane
preformed much better then expected.

Although the P-38 has retracts, I opted not to use them at our rather
rough field.

I can recommend this plane to all warbird fans - without hesitation!

Info: as the lipo is on the top of the possible size of this plane and
presses the cover sligthly upwards I opted to hold the shaft cover in
place with an additional rubber band  in white colour - to bland to in
with the colour scheme.


Still to come...
Site for radio controlled airplanes and more ...
P 38 Lightning
  Foam (EPP)
1400 mm
1030 mm
25,7 dm2
ca. 34 g / dm2
WEIGHT (producer):
ca. 930 g
968 g
2x brushless outrunner,
  28 mm dia, 1150 KV, 135 g
  3-blade 9,5 " x 7"
2x BEC 30 A brushless
Futaba 2,4 GHz, 7 channel, R-617 FS
Lipo Ray, 3 cells, 2200 mA
6 (2x ailerons, 1x elevator, 1x rudder, 1x
retracts, 1x motor)
  unknown, 10 x 9 g servos
Intermediate, professional
All rights reserved by and its owner!
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