Construction / tuning:

Well, it was in June 2010 that I came across this plane in one of the
hobby shops here in Budapest. Having seen it fly on YouTube and read
about it in some of the forums I thought it would be a nice addition to
my Multiplex plane collection.
Actually the store attendant informed me, that this plane is in the box
with them since 2003 !!! I carefully checked the content an that all parts
remained straight. A first review gave no reasons for concern! So, for
less then 40 EUR the plane was bought!

Of course I already had in mind which motor I would use - an outrunner
(Himax 28 mm dia 870  revolutions per volt on a 3 S lipo.  
And a stronger ailerons servo (as recommended in some forums) in
stead of the nano or Hitec HS 55 size. In my drawer I found a spare HS
81 which I used.

The box contains all parts (except the optional rudder parts).

In general I followed the building instructions (as usual with Multiplex it
is complete and well structured) - below I just describe the

1) mount the outrunner on a new motor mount (ready purchased round
mount) and carve out the elapor foam so that the motor runs freely. Do
not forget the right and down angles! Glue the motor mount in place.
Then carve out the 2nd side of the motor cover (also from foam)
2) increase the space for the motor cable to fit in (now three instead of
two) due to the brushless setup.
3) carve out a new location/space for the BEC (the cable was to short to
come to the original planned location)
4) increase the battery compartment forward (as the outrunner is
lighter then the stock 400+ gear) it is necessary to achieve the GEC. In
my case 15 mm I had to carve out toward the front of the plane.
5) increase the space for the servo in the wings to fit the HS 81
6) carve out a channel in the wing from tip to tip in order to fit a CFK rod
for additional stability (I used a 3 mm dia rod)
7) carve out additional space in the fuselage where the aileron servo
inserts when fixing the wing!
8) I glued the elevator in place (instead of the recommended rubber
band solution of Multiplex.
9) Install the optional rudder servo, rod, etc.

The rest just follow the instruction.

All in all I worked two evenings on this setup incl. all changes and RC
equipment, as well as programming of the transmitter.

Flight Experience:

First flight happened on a quiet early evening end of July 2010.
The powerful outrunner took the plane up immediately. Then a few
clicks on elevator and on ailerons and ok it was. Very small loops, tight
turns, 10 cm flying above the ground, etc. all was done!
Even when flying very, very slow and stalling on purpose, the plane just
took down its nose and recovered speed. So thats why Multiplex
recommended this plane as a beginner possibility. I would actually
say, that due to the fun factor it is more for the intermediate - but what
am I talking here - since 3 years you can not buy it anymore, so it goes
to history soon.
But it was strange to see during the first flight day that while the motor
was on, the plane was slower then when gliding. I guess it has to do
with the size of the propeller (it could easily be an 11 " one for this
motor, but I had to start with only a 9 " one - which I had in my drawer).
So I actually decided to change the motor to a one with higher rpv. I will
spend an other hours or so in the celler to do this.
The new setup motor with 1200 rpms and the old prop now is really
great & powerfull. Speed is good and all the rest as perviously.
I like this little plane and it will be our 5th child when going on holiday
Flying time with this setup: 12 to 15 minutes with some "motor off" time.
Site for radio controlled airplanes and more ...
  Foam (Elapor)
826 mm
792 mm
23 dm2
24 g / dm2
WEIGHT (producer):
550 gm
580 gm
HIMAX 2816 - 1220
  28 mm dia, 200 W, 1220 kv,  77 g
  9 " x 6 "
Multiplex, 27 A
Futaba 2,4 GHz, 6 channel, R-6006 HFC
Lipo Ray, 3 cells, 1100 mA or 3300 mA
4 (1x ailerons, 1x rudder, 1x elevator, 1x
  rudder & elevator:: 2x Hitec HS 55
ailerons: 1x HS 81
Beginner - Intermediatel
All rights reserved by and its owner!
Here an onboard video with the flycam ONE V2 - some airobatic flying.....
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