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Twin Star 2 - Styria - the video & FPV plane

Build to be very lightweight - with small 30 g brushless Himax outrunners on folding
props. Used mainly as a video camera carrier - carrying up to 3 flycamone2 eco.
On a 2200 mAh 3-cell Lipo flying times of 45 minutes are achieved regularly. The folding
props help to reduce the drag during sailing periods.
The colour scheme reflects my home state in Austria: Styria - the green heart of Austria!
Twin Star 2 - Speed

Two powerful 130 g brushless Robbe inrunners converted this plane into a rocket! All
around metal gear servos and additional CFK rods in the wing and the elevator wing give
this plane the sturdiness it needs at high speed.
I use this Twin Star 2 for extreme weather conditions - at storm like winds, but also for
Twin Star 2 - EDF

After carving & sanding away the stock motor holders the wings had a plain surface so
that I could fix the electric ducted fans. Two 80 g Robbe inrunners turn the 6-bladed Vasa
fans at up to 14000 rpms! Giving a thrust/weight ratio of close to 1:1 !
The plane rests on 6 wheels for the main gear and two steerable front wheels!
Very cool looking show-off plane - turns heads when rolling to the start! A real treat for any
flight show!
Twin Star 2 - Quattro

I guess the most spectacular one of all of my Twin Star 2s. An additional wing set was cut
and fixed to the original one to provide the 2 x 2 motor narcels. The wing jointing was fixed
with CFK rods and ample of glue! Check out the details of this 180 cm wingspan plane!
4x brushless motors, 4x 20 A BEC, 6 motor cables per wing,..... lots of wiring was
necessary until I finished the plane! Actually I keep it in one piece - taking it apart and
re-plugging it when at the field is just too complicated! Another head-turner when in flight!
Twin Star 2 - Brushless

Two 75 g brushless Himax motors, landing gear with steerable front wheel, cargo bay -
servo operated and flaps is the summary of additions to this plane!
Excellent flight performance - and additional weight of up to 500 g is possible to carry on
this TS2 conversion! The motors usually power the standard Easy Cub plane (same wing
span as the Twin Star)! Ample power, ample fun!
Twin Star 2 - Slope Glider (P R O J E C T)

Cut away the foam motor holders from the wing!
Leave away the motors & BEC!
Set up the plane as a slope glider for medium to high winds!
Twin Star 2 - Float plane conversion (P R O J E C T)

Converting the Twin Star 2 into a full fledged float plane with retractable wing tips as
support floats and an enlargement of the fuselage for better uplift while floating.
Build the plane in such a way that the transport for our holidays is possible without
hassle (removable elevator wing).
Twin Star 2 - RR - Stock  - 100 % stock edition - NO TUNING

The brushed rr-version (ready for radio) included all parts pre-assembled. Plug your
receiver, attach the rudder & elevator, charge your lipo (you need your own) or NIMH
battery and off you go....
Great for beginners!