Construction / tuning:

As usual, just follow the Multiplex instruction manual and you will finish
this plane perfectly.
For the more advanced builders (and pilots) I do recommend some
additional features: eg. rudder - I inserted another servo in the tail and
cut out the indicated rudder of the tail fin. This allows you to take your
plane in "Messerflug" - sorry, dont know the English expression and
had not time to look it up in the dictionnairy... will do so soon.
Flaps (with two servos) I also included for better landing performance.
This addition is just a nice to have as the impact is rather little.
However, during start procedures I put them approx. 10 degrees down
and the plane takes off straight up!
Otherwise I just added the famous heavy duty tape at the bottom of the
fuselage to protect the foam from all the landings on grass.

Flight Experience:

The fist flight almost ended in the grass - I did no throw the plane
strong enough and did not lower the ailerons or flaps for better lift. Well
I learnt fast!
Otherwise the plane builds up good speed, is really good visible and is
controlled easily. Rolls come fast, loops rather wide and big, inverted
flights is easy and the "Messerflug" I can just hold with the rudder (but
not too long).
Beside the Blizzard this is one of my favourite planes in heavy winds
and bad conditions. Until today I never had a problem with the setup
(motor, EDF, BEC) - all works fine!
With the 3300 mA lipo I achieve between 7 and 8 minutes flying time.

UPDATE: July 2010

During the first flight suddenly the motor stopped after approx. 20
seconds! Thanks god I had already enough hight to sail back down to
the landing field. I assumed that possibly I forgot to charge the lipo, so I
inserted another one and charged the one which stopped. Again I went
through all pre-flight checks - all ok... start! Elegantly the Twister took
the first two turns and I was just doing a low fly bye when I saw the
plane trailing smoke... oh boy.... just a second later the motor
stopped... I was able to continue the turn but the plane was already
quite low...and then... nothing, no more rudder control, total loss of
control!... the plane was already horizontal and as it was well balanced
it sailed into the very high grass (approx. 1 m high outside of the
landing field)! Thanks to this the plane survived the dive undamaged
BUT ... see for yourself:

I thouroughly investigated the possible
reasons - the motor was checked - all ok. The
batteries - all ok! I can not imagine what has
caused the controller to melt away....

So, I will have to be a new one, but now I will choose a 60 amp one!
And let see if I can buy just the cover of the EDF unit as a spare part.

Flights after this accident with the new BECcontinued good and without
further problems.
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  Foam (Elapor)
850 mm
1170 mm
26 dm2
29 g / dm2
WEIGHT (producer):
750 - 880 gms
910 gm
HIMAX 2825-3600
  brushless inrunner, 28 mm dia, 350 W,
3600 U-min,  35 A for stock impreller (EDF)
  EDF 69 mm dia, 5 blades
Jeti eco, 40 A NEW: noname 60 A
Futaba 2,4 GHz, 7 channel, R-617
Lipo Ray, 3 cells, 3300 mA
7 (2x ailerons, 2x flaps, 1x rudder, 1x
elevator, 1x motor)
  all:: 6x Hitec HS 55
Beginner - advanced
Intermediate - professional
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